Because You Asked: Quick Steps for adding a 1-2 minute video to your site

Video is compelling. And while text and print are more powerful for taking in information and details (which is why video never actually replaced text/print), video creates an immediate emotional impact that language can’t.
If the impact of video is emotional, the impact of language is rational.
A good video brings them both together through images, movement, voice (story) and sound

That’s why it persuades and moves .

In my other life as Travel Editor, we created about 400 one-minute videos (Travel Video PostCards) which now have some 7+ million views, on about 300,000 websites.

But take a look at one example of how I use video in my coaching work at The Other Me Coaching.
Not as an instructional component, but to communicate the “feeling” of my work, the values I subscribe to as a coach.

You too should add video to your site or blog. It ought to be part of your entire, rich presence.

Easy Does it Steps
We’re talking the Ken Burns effect- a sweet mix of stills, video, thoughtful narration and a simple sound bed.
Stills give us a timelessness and depth video can’t.
Video of course gives us motion and action.

Let’s Begin:

• Find 6-12 stills that reflect the feeling of your work, not the work you do. Again, see  The Other Me Coaching home page.
We don’t want images of you in your office or on the phone.
Too literal.
Give us images of places, moments that reflect the values and essence of your work e.g, a dog playing; kids on a swing; the wake of a boat. You!

• Give us maybe three 30-second video clips.
Or 15 second ones will do.
Moments that are reflective of your work, but can include friends laughing. A few moments chatting intimately with a colleague, family member, friend.

• For narration, think in terms of short, simple sentences. Nothing that promotes directly, but language that states your vision and beliefs. “I think coaching is about working together, partnering with laughter and probably a few tears.”
“I hope I can bring to my clients a connection that helps us build trust for the work we’re going to do,” etc.

Remember, it’s only a minute or so.

That’s it.
If you want us to put it all together for you and embed it inn your site or blog, we’ll be happy to.
Costs about 5-800$ to create, edit and embed 1-2 minute piece. We provide a professional, but warm voice over too.
Again, listen to ours.

If you want to try it yourself, that’s great. The tools are available. Happy to provide TA.

Basic Video 101. Let me know if you have any questions or want to talk further.