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Closure vs Resolution

There is no “Closure” in the case of the death of beloved animal companion, pet.

We don’t want to “Close” anything!

There is a “Resolution,” a place where the memories of you and your animal stir smiles, love, laughter, and maybe some tears.

But it’s the “good times” you more and more remember.

Not the sadness or grief.

This is what we work toward and pray for.

There is a saying that, time heals all wounds.

No, it dulls the acute, unbearable pain.

You heal your wounds.

But in the case of bereavement, the feelings of loss must be processed or healing cannot take place.

Resolution won’t happen.

If feelings are glossed over they never release their hold.

These powerful emotions of love and pain are imprisoned within us, and we can not live or get on with our lives.

We are blocked.

How We Help

You will grieve at your own pace. The critical thing is, is not to hold the grief back because you fear criticism, or lack of understanding of what you and your animal companion really mean to each other.

In-Person Coaching

We will meet as often as necessary until the heart, mind, and body are ready to move on. We will be silent when words do nothing for us. We will let the conversations go where you need them to.


We will write about what you are feeling, respecting everything you feel and never judging.

Mind & Body Techniques

We may use Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) sometimes known as “tapping,” meditation, and other body-based approaches that relieve tension and restore emotional balance.


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How long will we suffer and grieve? It depends on many things.

1) How close you and your pet were. The place he/she had in your life.

2) How old the pet was. Young or old. It may make some difference to the degree of pain.

3) What kind of person the pet owner is?

          – Is she inclined to depression and sadness?

          – Do his emotions easily get stirred, and has she gone through this grief process before for other reasons.

          – In other words, how sensitive?

4) Is her social life active, with many friends?

5) How long the pet and person were together.

6) The will to get on with life, reclaim your friends and family.