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Moving Toward Goal Setting Together in Our Sessions

Setting counseling goals can be challenging to the counselor and client. It requires trust and openness, but it’s not necessarily complicated. Before we meet or when we first meet, let’s ask directly about your expectations and needs.

Can you please give some thought to the following questions, and just make some rough, simple notes about what comes first into your mind. We will discuss them together.

  • “What do you want to achieve in this session/in our sessions?”
  • “What do you think you need to do to accept this loss better?”
  • “What do you think is the ideal solution for your concern?”
  • “For you to feel better, what do you think needs to happen?”

Ready To Work Together?

If you are ready to work together, please email me at Kindly include your name, phone number, location, times that work for you, and a story behind your loss.

Please let me know if you prefer meeting by phone or Skype. Phone is preferred, but it’s up to you. If you live in Boston or the surrounding area and would like to meet in person in my office, that is an option as well.

Donations Welcomed

We use your donation to Pet Grief Help to assist animal welfare groups. Some help us pay or bills, and some is for animal-emergency responses. Please give whatever you’re comfortable with. Thank you!

We accept donations via PayPal. To donate, simply click the button below:


I look forward to meeting you and working together.

Thank you!