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The Wonder of Teddy Bears

When we, a friend or family member, give a “stuffed” bear or panda or kitty or lion to a child, what are we thinking?

Somewhere in our emotional selves, there’s a “sense” of the child and the “animal” bonding, keeping each other company.
Perhaps we know they’ll have some great conversations.
Somehow we believe having Doggie or Tigger to hug, talk to and play with keeps loneliness away.

Run, Aleppo, Run…Run, Spot, Run!

Is there a qualitative difference between human life and other life? And does it matter?

I know Aleppo, Syria. It’s called “Halib” in Arabic, the root word, I believe, for milk.

I don’t know why exactly. Perhaps it expresses deep feelings of love for Aleppo as the “nourishment,” the “cream city” of cities.

The Book, the Fox, and the Boy: Pax by Sara Pennypacker

For me, the deepest feelings and moving experiences in any book are the relationships the author exposes us to.
But for some time I’ve been unsatisfied with the complex, secular people in the books I’ve been reading.
I realize the richness of a literary experience is determined by the layers of conflict and uncertainty the reader works through, and these may be considered signs of intellectual and literary maturity.

[Audio] The Empowered Visionary Summit

Dear Friends, I've been asked to be one of 20 people speaking at the Empowered Visionary Summit. This is its final week. I'm honored to be keeping company with powerful believers and healers including Amelia Kinkade, SARK, Dr. Bernie Siegal, Sandra Ingerman, Dr....